Saturday, April 28, 2012


Football has given us a lot of great moments,most times it gets us emotional,excited or passionate.

Today I look into the great come backs in a single Champions league match and two matches readily comes into mind for its importance,significance and quality of teams involved. 

First, Liverpool vs Ac Milan: It was the Champions league final in a year the Pope died and liverpool came back from three goals down to win the game on penalties. The Ac Milan team were amongst the best teams in the world at that time  with players like Shevchenko, Crespo, Inzahgi, Nesta, Seedorf, Pirlo,and Dida.

Liverpool played the best second half of their lives with players like Gerald, Alonso, Baros, Dudek and kewell giving their all and until date its seen as the greatest champions league comeback.    

Secondly,Barcelona vs Chelsea semi final match at the Nou camp (24,April.2012). Barcelona were two goals up and Chelsea were one man down(due to red card) and had to replace an influential defender (Cahill)in the first half due to injury. 

At this point Barcelona had qualified for the final and no one was willing to bet against them as they were regarded as the best team in the world with players like football's best player on earth presently Lionel Messi and his partners in crime Xavi,iniesta,Fabragas,Puyol and Alves. 

But Chelsea kept calm and it paid off When Ramires lobbed the ball over Valdes with a glorious pass from Frank Lampard while Fernando Torres completed the comeback when he rounded Barcelona's keeper to score the 50million pounds goal that took Chelsea to the Champions league final. 

My friends,these are two unforgettable matches so which for you is the greatest champions league comeback in a single match? Football without beef,gracias!! CJ Smiles 

Posted and Edited by COSMOS CHUKWUEMEKA

Chijioke ''CJ'' Ezeali is a creative sport writer and has passion for the football. He is a phenomenon and a gold mine. Watch out for his exciting football articles and his in depth and objective analysis on tv.

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