Sunday, April 22, 2012


Officially the first EPL team to be relegated this season on a day they played their best football.

The rains came down as the match rolled to its end and the scoreline at 2-0 in favour of ManCity their fans could sense it,a lot of them held hands and many cried, few still held up the clubs banner while many others found it hard to applaud the team even when their action shows that they were proud of the teams performance on the day.

One lesson they will take away,is that to stay in a championship is not a matter of one good match but a good run of consistent results.

Sadly Mick Macarthy was sacked and replaced by Terry Connor even when the world thought it was a bad decision I say gambling is part of the beautiful game,wolves management took one and it back-fired but Newcastle did same and its paying off handsomely for them so you'd say different strokes for different folks.

Wish Wolves a quick return to d EPL especially to players like Fletcher,Jarvis n Davis  . Football without beef my friends,gracias!!

 ( Chijioke Ezeali is a very creative writer. He describes himself as thus; 
''I love football and i am passionate about analyzing it with great minds. I am a true sport guy with a smile that give CR7 a run for his money. Being in community like this (Premium sport center) gives me a rush feeling like the EPL and a sense of balance like the SERIE A. We can together be the best like the Spanish LA LIGA and be champions every where whether in France, Holland Germany or Nigeria. Welcome to my world. Just refer to me as CeeJay and we'll take it from there. Football without beef. Gracias!'')

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