Friday, April 27, 2012


The Nigeria National League (NNL) board has commenced payment of recovered debts from clubs to their players and officials during the past seasons.

The league body threatened to stop debtor clubs from taking part in the second round of the 2011/2012 season unless they pay off their outstanding debts.

The NNL was able to realise N12 million from about nine clubs in the national league.

NNL secretary, Ayo Rahaman revealed that the league body has already invited former coach of Nasarawa United, Bitrus Bewarang as well as a former player of the club, Paulinus Nwaokike for payment from the money recovered from Nasarawa United.

Rahaman also disclosed that the NNL has recovered about 90% of the debts owed to players and officials of Gateway FC.

He added that cheques have been made available for the payment of four former players of the club, Oliver Agbo, Adun Osamudiamen, Herbert Okonkwo and Balogun Alaba.

Rahaman said that players and officials of Bayelsa United who were owed by the club will soon be invited for payment as the club has already paid in about N1.5 million to the NNL with a promise to make a complete payment before the end of the week.

The NNL scribe maintained that the league body will continue to fight for the welfare of the players and officials of the various clubs.

He stressed that it is only when the actors in the league are taken care of that fans can enjoy the best performance from the players.

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