Thursday, April 19, 2012

WRESTLEMANIA: THE AFTERMATH by Amara Jennifer Ofortube

The much awaited WRESTLMANIA XXVIII has indeed come and gone and has left in its wake, lots of unanswered questions. One would have thought that an event such as this will be the most appropriate means for superstars at ‘WAR’ to meet and settle most, if not all of their grievances.

If truth be told, it indeed helped settled some, but at the same time it has created more enemity among several SUPERSTARS than it has help to mend things among them.
Take for instance, the bout between the deadman (Undertaker) and Tripple H which we withness as one of the major bouts for the event, which also marked the second time these two will be meeting as they met in the main event of last year’s WRESTLMANIA XXVII which the ''Dead man'' defeated  Triple H, after which he had to be practically wheeled out of the venue.

As far as we know, these two might never be found going one-on-one against each other as this year’s Wrestlmania encounter which the deadman also won and clearly made peace with his opponent right after the bout, marks the end of an ERA…but again it poses another question if it also marks the end of the deadman’s reign of  20 – 0 at Wrestlemania, one can’t help but wonder if he’s going to actually retired as most people think or if he’s going to bounce back more actively in the ring.

Match results are as follows:
Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan (Heavyweight Championship)
Big Show defeated Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Championship)
Kane defeated Randy Orton
Kelly Kelly and Maria defeated Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix
Undertaker defeated Triple H
Team Johnny defeated Team Long
Cm Punk defeated Chris Jericho (WWE Championship)
Rock defeated John Cena

Aside the undertaker and Tripple H’s bout that seemed to be more of a settlement bout, other bouts seemed to have succeeded in bringing about more issues than solved ones. Kane and Randy’s didn’t waste much time as an immediate rematch was called for between them on SMACKDOWN that same week.

Two very interesting unresolved issues can be found between Cm Punk and Chris Jericho as well as between present General Manager of both brands -Mr. John Laurinaitis and former GM of Smackdown, Theodore long which seems to be getting more and more heated with each passing week.

Be it as it may, my big question is…How helpful has this biggest event in the Wrestling world WRESTLMANIIA XXVIII solved issues among its superstars?

(Amara Jennifer Ofortube is a Nigeria's finest and probably the only female Pro wrestling presenter/analyst. You can read her posts on her blog 

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