Thursday, April 19, 2012


In the world of professional wrestling, there are certain rules and regulations guiding each and every bout the takes place no matter how bloody any of this match tends to be...but on a certain night, certain rules are overlooked or they appear not to count.

One of such night could be best seen at 'EXTREME RULES'...this is a night in which bouts are planned and set between rivals to get into the ring and try to sort themselves out without putting in to consideration the regular rules and regulations that usually holds and limits these superstars.

This event usually takes place once every year, just like every other pay -per -views organized by professional wrestling organisations, such as WWE, TNA, ROH  and so on This year's Extreme event will take place on the 29th of April, 2012, at the Allstates Arena, Rosemont, Illinois.
Announced matches for the night are:
Brock Lesner vs John Cena (Extreme Rules match)

Chris Jericho vs Cm Punk (Chicago Street fight)

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (2 -out -of -3 falls match)

Kane vs Randy Orton

In the past, we'v seen lots of bouts going really EXTREME, and that kinda makes one think or try to imagin how this year's event is going to play itself out; you know, like going with the different matches scheduled and the type of stipulations accorded to each of them...but like i usually say, time will certainly tell if we are indeed going to see some extremity at this year's pay - per -view.

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