Monday, May 14, 2012


Premiership ''bad boy'' and QPR captain, Joey Barton faces a massive ban from football after losing it against Manchester City.

With his Queens Park Rangers side drawing 1-1 at the Etihad Stadium in their crunch final game of the season, he was sent off after appearing to elbow Carlos Tevez.

Furious with referee Mike Dean for the red card which he deemed unfair, Barton attempted to argue with the official over his decision.

Surrounded by players from both sides, Barton then kicked out at Sergio Aguero, who fell to the ground.

Barton then aimed a headbutt at City captain Vincent Kompany as he attempted to intervene in the melee.

City substitute Micah Richards raced on to the pitch to drag Barton off as he engaged in on-going rows with the City players and coaches. He was almost coming to blows with Manchester City bad boy, Mario Balloteli

The Football Association will now analyse the incident and it is likely he will face a long suspension for his behaviour.

Barton later tweeted: 'Can do nothing but apologise to the players and the fans. Still don't think its a sending off. Tried to take 1 of their players with me. Still not my proudest moment but who gives a f***, we are safe..........and that is all that matters.

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