Friday, May 11, 2012


So the NBA playoffS has started after all and the defending champions are already out of it completely. No surprises at all. Why?

Simple. The likes of Dirk Nowtski , Jason kidd and his playmates might have possibly not done enough to scare other teams as the defending champions; though there might be arguments in some quarters about the fact that the regular season did not run the normal 82 games. But some people will tell you ‘it’s not how far but how well’. 

Everyone of them had equal chances in the NBA regular season but some players such as Jeremy Lin, Derek Rose, Kevin Durrant, James Harden, and Chris Paul proved their mettle while others such as Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and Andrew Brynum showed the whole world why they are still relevant in the NBA (just like it is popularly said: I LOVE THIS GAME!).

So as it stands now , OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDERS,INDIANA PACERS and SAN ANTHONIO SPURS has qualified, LOS ANGELES LAKERS,MIAMI HEATS ,LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS ,BOSTON CELTICS  are favorites to qualify; based on the result they are turning-in while UTAH JAZZ  and DALLAS MAVERICKS  are completely out it. But if you ask me who the favorites might be, I’d say it’s Oklahoma City Thunders! The combination of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durrant reminds you of that of John Stockton(who has the highest steals in the history on NBA till date) and Karl Malone; then of the Utah Jazz. Though the reality of the Los Angeles fireworks also beckons with LOS ANGELES LAKERS AND LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS on the verge of a Semifinal berth, they might go on to renew their rivalry if they go on to qualify for the finals of the Western Conference. 

The whole world might also witness the ‘Celtic Revenge Mission’ against the MIAMI HEATS .It would be recalled that MIAMI HEATS defeated BOSTON CELTICS 4-1 in the series game involving both of them on their way to their NBA playoffs, last season (no thanks to a Pierce double technical foul that saw him leave the game, making his team; BOSTON CELTIC; vulnerable)  .

Some upsets might also be recorded with the likes of CHICAGO BULLS, PHILADELPHIA 76ERS, ATLANTA HAWKS, AND DENVER NUGGETS, trying to make a point for their qualification for the on-going NBA playoffs. At the end of the playoffs, one thing is sure and that is the fact that SOME IMMORTALS WOULD HAVE NOT ONLY BEEN BIRTHED BUT ALSO ESTABLISHED IN THE ANALS OF HISTORY; WHERE OTHER IMMORTALS RESIDE-IN THE SPACE OF IMMORTALITY.

Leo-Olagbaye Abanikanda ‘M. is a vibrant basketball analyst who follows the sport both locally and internationally. U can catch him on top sport on top radio every Thursday for in depth analysis of the NBA playoffs.

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