Friday, May 11, 2012


In a mean and moody midnight release - symptomatic of the dark clouds that have circled around the club this season - Liverpool have announce their jersey kit.

They hope it will bring them better luck in the Premier League than that which they experienced in a decidedly mediocre campaign this time around.

The all red garb certainly harks back to a grander day when the Anfield outfit ruled English football, drawing on the tradition of time's past.

Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez have been called upon to model the new kit, appearing alongside the words: 'It's inspired by greatness. It's modern tradition. It's unapologetically Liverpool FC. It will make you feel 7ft tall.'

The kit is the first collaboration with Boston-based company Warrior Sports, a £25m-a-year partnership which broke British records when its was announced last year.

Warrior, a subsidiary of New Balance, have taken over from adidas in making a kit which has in recent years been the fourth biggest seller around the world.

Around 900,000 are sold annually, a number only beaten by North West rivals Manchester United.

Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona also sell more on a global scale.
If that rate continues, and the shirts really do make the wearer feel 7ft tall, we will be living in the land of the giant

Courtesy of DAILYMAIL

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  1. White stripes! that is not much different. I prefer all red.


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