Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Manchester City have apologised to Alex Ferguson after Carlos Tevez held up a placard taunting the Manchester United manager during the club's Premier League trophy parade.

Tevez held a sign with the text "R.I.P. Fergie" high over his head while aboard City's open-top bus, which traveled by 100 000 fans in Manchester on Monday.

The Argentine, who left Old Trafford in 2009, was caught on TV holding up a poster emblazoned with the taunt: 'RIP Fergie' as he joined his team-mates on an open-top bus tour of Manchester city centre.

Although it is thought that the placard was handed to Tevez by a fan, City officials were horrified to learn of the stunt and offered Ferguson and United an apology.

Manchester City said in a statement that "the creation of the tasteless material is in itself reprehensible and in accepting and brandishing it, Carlos has made a significant error of judgment."

City added that it "wishes to express its sincerest apologies to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United Football Club for any offense or distress caused."

Tevez later added: 'I got carried away in the excitement of the moment and I certainly didn't mean any disrespect to Sir Alex Ferguson, who I admire as a man and a manager.'

Tevez has a rudimentary grasp of English and there were doubts on Tuesday night as to whether the 28-year-old even understands what 'RIP' means. It is thought he may have just been caught up in the carnival atmosphere.
And what an atmosphere it was.

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