Friday, May 11, 2012


The bus purred, waiting to whisk these Los Angeles Lakers away to a most uncertain, most uneasy Game 7, and everyone waited for Kobe Bryant to climb aboard. He walked slowly, shoulders slumped, eyes empty. He promised to find the 7-foot salvation for his sixth championship on the trip home and implore Andrew Bynum to spare these Lakers the indignity of a colossal collapse. 

Bynum’s fortunate that Bryant didn’t see the smile on his face as left the showers and entered the losing locker room. He would’ve exploded.

This is the immaturity of Bynum, the attitude that inspired him to mock the Denver Nuggets for being an easy out when the Lakers had them down 3-1. His arrogance, his indifference, has cost the Lakers.

Bryant cornered Pau Gasol in a private moment before boarding the bus and told him, too: ''Enough of the drifting, enough of the timidity, enough of the entitlement. Bleeping play, man. These Denver Nuggets are fearless and rugged and believing suddenly they can make this comeback complete on Saturday night in Staples Center'' he added

Bryant needed Gasol and Bynum on Thursday, needed them to be champions at the end of a day that had him puking for hours in his hotel room with a stomach flu.

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  1. dis shudn't be a reason for Kobe to get all worked up, rather they need to come together as a team and try to fix whatever might be wrong


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