Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM! By Chijioke ''Smiles'' Ezeali

I love football and played a lot through the years but not professionally. 

Back in school I recall playing a competition involving fans of Manchester United,Arsenal,Real Madrid and Chelsea. At the semi-final stage,my team were two goals down and I was introduced to help overturn the score.

My first touch was poor and the ball was taken off me,our defense was beaten and the opposing striker was one-on-one with the goalkeeper,I chased hard and tripped the striker from behind he twisted his ankle and was taken straight to the hospital while I was red carded.

I had let my teammates down and as I bowed my head in shame the team captain taped my shoulder and said: "Weldone you've just taken out the best player in the competition",but it wasn't enough to lift my spirit so I decided to go home. 

After the game my captain called me and said:"Congratulation bro thanks to you we won on penalties". I had mixed feelings because I knew the final will be played without me but the team drew inspiration from my attempt to stop the third goal and helping to eliminate the tournament's best player obviously affected the game plan and psychology of the other team. 

Now do you call that team spirit or just share passion for the game? Remember Luiz Suarez handball against Ghana saved Uruguay from elimination at the South African 2010 world cup.

Diego Maradona's hand of God goal is the most talked about in world football,it gave Argentina advantage against England before the wonder goal at the 1986 world cup held in Mexico. 

But its not all positive everytime things like that happens,only recently Joey Barton's red card cost QPR defeat against Mancity. Rooney's red card against Portugal at the world cup led to the elimination of England. 

What about John Terry's red card against Barcelona? Oops! Guess that's pure stupidity. He could've gone down in history as a Man who denied Chelsea a champions league trophy twice

but Mr Drogba and the gang saved him from that agony by winning the European Champions League 2011/2012  for the first time in Chelsea's history with caretaker boss Roberto Di Matteo calling the shots from the sidelines. 

Note that most actions like the once we've reviewed above are not instructed by coaches but by share instinct from players.  

So does taking one for the team involve team work or just passion for the game or an uncontrollable rush of blood to the head of players? Love to hear your opinions. Football without beef,gracias!! 

An ardent football follower and enthusiast, Chijioke ''Smiles'' Ezeali has wriiten interesting and captivating football articles. He is talented, good with words and spices his articles with humour. Trust me, CJ is definitely a gold mine when it comes to talking, analysing and dissecting issues in the football world

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