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WRESTLING: EXTREME OUTCOME by Amara Jennifer Ofortube

Extreme Rules…one special night in the world of professional wrestling where all participating Superstars were at liberty to make use of all and any device available to them in their bid to win matches and secure titles.
This year’s edition took place Sunday night live at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, with fans turning out from all parts of the world while those that couldn’t make down to the venue, firmly clued to their television sets.

The crowed were treated to lots of interesting and brutal bouts-from the male division to that of the female side.
Results emerging from the arena are as follow:

Randy Orton def Kane – This is one bout that really caught my attention due to the fact that both Superstars have been at each other’s neck for some couple of weeks now. Their issue got so intense that family members became involved at a particular stage. Kane started by going on against Randy’s dad, a retired wrestler popularly known as Cow Boy Bob Orton, injuring him thereby making Randy go up against Paul Bearer, who WWE tells us is Kane’s father…but unlike what Randy expected, Kane didn’t fall for that. For me, it was interesting seeing the both of them go against each other in a 'falls'' count anywhere match. This sort of match, you get to pin your opponent anywhere of your choice, and not necessarily within the ring as originally stipulated by WWE. Randy’s win is good because, several time both parties have met in major events in recent time, Kane usually leaves victorious, but seeing Randy excel here in this month’s pay-per-view, is indeed an ice one.

Brodus Clay def Dolph Ziggler – Nice one I must say for this new guy that is fast making his presence felt by both old and new Superstars.

Cody Rhodes def Big Show – Not so nice as far as am concerned because I can’t imagine how and why Big Show will defeat Cody at major event such as this year’s WRESTLMANIA XXVIII, only to lose the same title (Intercontinental Championship) to Cody in their first ever one on one encounter since Wrestlmania. For me, its kinda disappointing and makes one wonder if Show now is like Daniel who can’t defend a title.

Sheamus def Daniel Bryan – opsh! Did I mention Show being like Daniel? Am so sorry, that must have slipped out, but if truth be told, Daniel hasn’t been able to deliver ever since he LUCKLY cashed in his ‘Money in the Bank’ brief case to clinch the Heavyweight title last year and he made matters worst when he made history at wrestlmania where he lost same title to Sheamus in less than 18sec…did I hear you say OMG? Now you have an idea of what am talking about.

Ryback def Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton – Nice one for upcoming Superstars.
Cm Punk Chris Jericho – Think is high time Jericho keeps his cool and looks for someone else to talk down on because, Punk has proven Jericho wrong in virtually all of his claims. It initially started with Jericho stating his the BEST in the world, which I won’t blame him in that during his time before he left to dance with the stars, he could be called the best but, over the years and with his recent absence, Punk has made his mark and Jericho is yet to relive that.

Layla def Nikki Bella – Wow…what a huge come back! Layla got fixed into that match to replace the former Divas Champion, who was initially scheduled to face Nikki for a title rematch, but due to injury, she got replaced by Layla who’s just making he come back from long months of injury.  Nice result if you ask me…I mean, what more romantic way to come back!

John Cena def Brock Lesnar – Now this is the huge one and my favorite for the night and the outcome isn’t disappointing.  I must say that the Cenation Leader actually delivered to his fans what they all are looking forward to, I mean, personally, I wasn’t expecting anything less after he lost to ROCK at this year’s Wrestlmania. Lots of fans were disappointed at the outcome of that bout in that cenation fans all over the world were looking forward to their leader taking the day’s victory. Take a moment to pulse and ponder what it would have been like if the cenation leader also lost to Brock lesnar…might be as the case of Barcelona losing back to back *wink*

In your own opinion, how
EXTREME was the event?

Amara Jennifer Ofortube is a Pro - wrestling analyst/presenter and she is really making waves in the sport industry. You can watch her talk wrestling and other sport on television on Channels Sport with Kenneth Ochonogor every Sunday by 12:15 and Superscreen television mostly on Thursdays by 2:30pm. U can also listen to her on top sport on top radio on Fridays by 11pm. U can also read her blog

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