Friday, June 22, 2012


The season has been amazing and exciting so far, 7 races and 7 different winners, (4 F1 champions, Hamilton, button, Alonso and vettel  1 veteran(webber), 1 sphomore(Maldonado) and 1 son of a former champion (rosberg). 

Will Valencia produce an 8th different winner? Why not, this season has been the most competitive ever, and with the like of the returning flying finn Kimi raikkonen yet to score a win, the 7time world champion whose gone 44 races with out victory since his return 2yrs ago and came close at Monaco get P1 in qualifying but coos of a grid penalty couldn’t start at pole, had he started at pole he would have had his 1st victory after coming back, but who says he cant at Valencia.

We also got an extremely talented grosjean whose been really impressive this season, also got Sergio perez who I feel should fill for an under performing massa at Ferrari, also got a kobayashi who could spring a surprise.

My take this weekend is the winner will come from the pool of the fast five teams Mclaren, Red bull, Mercedes. Ferrari, Lotus. You cant count out the saubers, Williams and the force India lads as well.
Overall opinion, an 8th different winner will most likely emerge yet again, I’m sticking with the Lotus lads to get this one.

David Olayinka is a young man who has cut a niche for himself as an analyst and expert of Motor sport. Because of him, Nigerians have come to like the biggest of motor sport competition, Formula 1. He doesn't just talk formula 1 alone; Trust me, he is an encyclopedia all major sports such as football, basketball, boxing and so on. You can catch David on Sport Splash on LTV and Top Sport and Top radio. 

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