Saturday, June 16, 2012

THUNDER IN THE HEAT by Leo Abanikanda

Law of Thermodynamics, Einstein’s formula, Le Chantellier’s principle, e.t.c. All these are laws that has to do with either heat or light/lightening. But all these phenomena may be overruled at the end of the Oklahoma City Thunder clash with the Miami Heats in the NBA Playoffs Final

Both boast of ‘Super Mario Players’ in Kevin ‘KD’ Durrant and Lebron ‘King’ James. KD; the highest scorer in the NBA(before turning 24) and ‘King’ James; three times Most Valuable Player in the NBA(before turning 28), happens to be some of the exciting players to watch in this year’s NBA playoffs. Though it’s still left to be seen who wins the ring; though both of them we’d all agree deserve to win it complementarily, it will be interesting if we try to do a match up of the gladiator’s involved in theses immortal battle.

Kevin Durrant and Lebron James. Durrant has shown in game 4 of the Western Conference Series Final against the San Antonio Spurs and the opening of the on-going playoff series against the Miami Heats that he usually comes alive in the closing parts of the game, something I think Russell Westbrook and his counterparts have come to terms with and subsequently work with. Lebron James on the other hand has so far this season discovered more of his defensive prowess. Little wonder he has been the main man more on Durrant all through this playoff. James has also proven to the player that can almost bring something out of nothing, has seen in their game 6 series win against the Boston Celtics, where he was able to amass 45 points( I think Gortat did something familiar in the regular season). There also seems to be a better synergy between D. Wade and himself this season.

Chris Bosch and S. Ibaka. Chris tried to bring on his A-game in the Miami Heat’s game 2 win against the Oklahoma City Thunders. But one might be wondering if Chris’ health can withstand S. Ibaka blocks; an average of 3.3 blocks per game this season; he has shown that he can be a massive player when push comes to shove (and did you see the powerful block he gave the ‘King’ himself, against the board in their game 2 series against the Miami Heat). Though, he may have to rely on Co-captain Udnois Haslem to come to the rescue when Ibaka decides to run rampage on the Miami Heat.

Russell Westbrook and Derrick Fischer will have to run the game either as the point guard or the shooting guard while Norris Cole and Mario Chalmer will also have to prove their mettle in the Miami Heat’s quest for the playoff ring. Perkins also has to try and match up to the dexterity of D. Wade. Not to forget the sixth Man James Harden. He has to come up, probably from the bench and try to rattle the Heat but wait, there seems to be a Shane Battier lurking somewhere, who can be an element of surprise to the Oklahoma City Team.

At the end of this clash of immortals, we will definitely have no other choice than to be says: NBA, I LOVE THIS GAME!

Leo Olagbaye Abanikanda is one of the most vibrant basketball analyst in Nigeria who loves talking about the NBA and the Nigeria premier Basketball league as well. U can listen to him to talk basketball on top sport on top radio every Thursday by 11am.


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