Tuesday, July 03, 2012


When I said the NBA ring will be decided by the contribution of the ‘Super Mario Players’, I wasn’t just referring to the number of points they would amass but to their general contribution all through the series. 

So, even when Lebron couldn’t make up to 30 points in game 4 of the series and Westbrook was able to make as much as 43 points it was still possible for the heats to win that particular game(not taking anything away from the Oklahoma City Thunders).

My main definition of a great personality is not necessarily the person that makes the spotlight shine on himself alone but the person that makes the spotlight shine on him and other individuals as well. 

It is called team work. This simply explains the amazing performance of Mark Miller, Shane Battier; who for me was the most improved/surprising player of this playoff final, Norris Cole and Mario Chalmer. 

Lebron didn’t just go all the way to start making up the points but also provided wonderful assist to some of the affore mentioned players(if not for all of them at that same final!). 

But the same could not be said of the Oklahoma City Thunders team; who only had to really deeply on Kevin Durrant and Kevin Westbrook to get almost 90% of the points for them. 

No aggressive defense, no determined offense coupled with a lack luster performance at times that probably mattered most ensured the likes of Kendric perkins, Nick Collinson, and some other ‘fringe’ players could not corroborate the efforts of Westbrook and Durrant. It must also be said that Kevin Durrant also disappointed at the most un expected times; or do we say it’s in experience! I think it’s all still about the ‘Super Mario Players’.

So, a big congratulations to Lebron ‘King’ James on his maiden acquisition of the NBA ring. People can now give him a deserved break and drop the titles such as ‘the ringless king’ or ‘King of no ring’ that he had been plagued in times past. 

I think this is a man that not only believes in himself, not only had faith that he could do this but definitely knew that one day, he would hug this NBA ring(exactly what he did after lifting the ring). And that was why he left the Cleveland Cavalliers in the first place to join D. Wade. 

And with C. Bosh completing the trio, which would later on be known and referred to has ‘The Big Three’ they were on course for their first NBA ring; it only had to be a matter of time.

So, let’s all therefore stand up for the Champions; The Miami Heats and also say in the process-ALL HAIL THE KING!

Leo Abanikanda is a vibrant sport analyst who has calved his niche as a basketball analyst. 
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