Friday, September 07, 2012


Ok, this is weird. Why would anyone want to satisfy his/her sexual urge in public. For me such should be jailed for months and flogged. haba!

Well, the gist is that a rising Manchester United star Luke McCullough has been arrested for ‘lewd behaviour’ after allegedly having sex with a teenage girl in a doorway.

The eighteen years old player who was last season's Academy captain, was seen on CCTV with the woman at 5am on Monday after a night out.

The Northern Irish defender - said by Old Trafford bosses to be the new Jonny Evans - allegedly got ‘overly amorous’ with the blonde.

During the incident, the smooching pair allegedly initially moved into a doorway semi-clothed, only for police to send a car to the scene.

The couple were spoken to, did up their clothes and walked away - but just a few yards away went into another doorway and carried on, police said.

Officers went back the scene and arrested both for public order offences. The woman received a police caution after admitting the incident.

The Northern Ireland youth captain and centre-back was held in police cells for several hours before being issued with a caution and sent home.

The incident in Concert Square, a popular bar and restaurant district of Liverpool, will infuriate manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

He expects high standards of his young players and just last week banned all of his under-23s from driving flashy sports cars from new club sponsors Chevrolet.


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