Thursday, September 27, 2012


Joey Barton has stated that the Football Association should be embarrassed  for handing John Terry only four match ban for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand while he was slammed  12 match ban for violent conduct

The FA, after a hearing on the issue, banned Terry and also fined him £220,000 for allegedly racially insulting Anton Ferdinand during a premiership match involving Chelsea and QPR

Joey Barton took a swipe at the FA on his twitter handle, @Joey7Barton   ''Well I think that proves a lot. What an absolute farce. 12 games for violent conduct and only 4 for that. FA should be embarrassed'' 

Barton was handed a 12 match ban after he elbowed Sergio Aguero and attempted to headbutt Vincent Kompany in the final match of the season involving QPR and Manchester City and he felt the ban on Terry was too little after almost a year of investigation.

''4 games? A years worth of investigation, a four day FA hearing and only a 4 game ban? Suarez got 8 didn't he? WTF's going on'' Barton said.

''12 games!!! By the FA's perverse reckoning, I'd of got less of a ban for racially abusing the Man City players than tickling them as I did''

Barton sees the ban on him as a blessing in disguise as he won't have been playing at Olympique Marseille 

''I'm not complaining because without the ban I might not be playing for Olympique d'Marseille. Every cloud and all that... ''

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