Tuesday, September 04, 2012


If the Nigeria premier league was lucrative and well organized, players from the league will go through difficult hardship just to get any contract in Europe. Am not happy at all

The reason for my anger is that thirteen Nigerian footballers who have spent more than a month without work permits in Ukraine may soon be deported according to reports in the eastern European country.

The players have not given up their hopes of playing for Ukrainian clubs but authorities say they are currently regarded as irregular migrants after they were found in an abandoned tourist camp in central Ukraine near Dnepropetrovsk.

Local police and immigration control officials paid a visit to the camp and found out that their visas had expired, and that chances are the players crossed into Ukraine illegally.

According to the Ukrainian media, the players who arrived in Ukraine on August 1st and are all from top Nigeria Premier League Clubs claim they are in Ukraine at the invitation of their manager, who promised to fix them up with local clubs, as such players are in great demand there.

The players, the oldest of which is twenty four years old, live in austere conditions and their rooms are empty, and in some even the doors are missing.

Too bad!

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