Monday, September 03, 2012


From Hero to Villain and to Hero back. That sums up the former Arsenal's captain day at Southampton on Sunday. But he still took out time to say sorry.

The gist is that Robin Van Persie ended up apologising despite scoring a hat-trick in just his third game for Manchester United.

The £24million striker earned three points with his 100th goal in the Premier League to put a smile on the face of Sir Alex Ferguson, managing his 1,000th league match.

But Van Persie was left embarrassed by a 68th-minute penalty miss with his side trailing 2-1.

The Holland striker held his hands up at the final whistle after failing with a repeat of the chipped effort he executed successfully at Wolves last season.

‘I’m to blame. I don’t know what went wrong. Something went wrong, big time, and I’ll have to work on it.

‘I don’t know what I was thinking,’ he said. ‘I wanted to hit it hard like I always do but at the last second I just changed somehow. Maybe it was my brother out there or something, I don’t know.

‘But it wasn’t good enough and I’m quite disappointed about it. I ask a certain standard from my game. When you are 2-1 down, you can’t take a penalty like that.

Imagine if Manchester United had lost that match after Van Persie lost that penalty, the fans no for take am easy with am o. hmmmmmmmmm

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