Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sport wear giant Nike have been accused to have paid $500,000 for a failed drugs test from Lance Armstrong to be covered up.
The astonishing claims against the sportswear giant have emerged from a testimony by Kathy Lemond from back in 2006.

It comes as the backlash against Nike escalates while they continue to refuse to cut their ties with shamed American Armstrong.
Lemond, the wife of American cyclist Greg Lemond, claimed under oath in 2006 that Nike helped pay former UCI president Hein Verbruggen $500,000 to cover up a positive drug test from Armstrong.
It is claimed the cash was paid to cover up a positive test in 1999 for corticosteroids, which Armstrong had used to treat saddle sores.
It relates to the case where Armstrong and Tailwind Sports - the company in charge of his cycling team - filed a lawsuit against SCA, a Dallas firm that indemnifies sponsors who offer prizes based on athletic achievements.
SCA refused to pay Armstrong a $5million bonus that Tailwind had promised the cyclist for winning the 2004 Tour de France after allegations of doping reported in the book 'LA Confidential – the Secrets of Lance Armstrong' by journalists David Walsh and Pierre Ballester.
During a 2006 deposition over the suit, Lemond testified that Julian Devries, who worked as a mechanic for Armstrong’s team, told her that Nike and Thom Weisel, a banker who sponsored Armstrong’s team, paid $500,000 into a Swiss bank account belonging to Verbruggen.

Armstrong was last week exposed as a liar, bully and cheat in the United States Anti-Doping Agency's report into his alleged doping in the US Postal team.
Despite the damning evidence against Armstrong, Nike continue to back their man - reissuing the same statement from August.

Meanwhile, Paul Willerton, who rode alongside Armstrong for US Postal during two world championship road races, claimed a group of athletes and cycling fans will protest at the Nike headquarters in Oregon on Tuesday.

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