Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has filed an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) concerning the introduction of controversial new rules affecting the Confederation of African Football’s (CAF) presidential election process.

LFA president Hassan Musa Bility said the Association has taken the action to counter the “fear tactics” employed in the administration of African football. 

CAF member nations in September voted to introduce a measure that will permit only executive committee officials to run for the organisation’s presidency. 

The measure was announced at the CAF Congress in the Seychelles and seemingly put paid to 2010 World Cup chief Danny Jordaan and Jacques Anouma’s hopes of running against long-serving Issa Hayatou at the Confederation’s general assembly in Morocco in March. 

Ivory Coast Football Federation president Anouma formalised his intention to run for the presidency in July, but the new CAF rule stipulates that anyone seeking the presidency must be a voting member of the CAF executive committee.

The LFA has filed the appeal to CAS in the belief that the implementation of the new CAF rule has raised a number of technical violations that make it invalid. These include a failure to provide the minimum 90 days’ notice that the amendment would be put forward at CAF’s extraordinary general assembly on September 3. 

The LFA also believes that the rule has not been ratified by FIFA. CAS confirmed receipt of the appeals on Tuesday. “Because of the way African football is run it is very difficult for African football association presidents to openly disagree with the system,” Bility told BBC Sport. “But we believe that they understand that this decision is not good for progress. We cannot be living in the 21st century and trying to administrate football as though we were in the 18th century.”

Bility continued: “We believe we have strong support but the organisation is run on fear tactics. It is brave for anyone to stand up and question the way African football is being run. What we are saying is: ‘If you want to be the leader of the people than you must get their approval through an open and transparent system’.  I believe I have the full support of the entire continent.” 

The LFA’s action comes after Hayatou last week secured a sizeable boost in his bid to secure another term as president of the CAF after the Council for East and Central African Football Associations (CECAFA) offered its unanimous support to his attempt.

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