Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It's all over twitter that Ivorian star, Emmanuel Eboue through his twitter account @TheRealEboue, is insulting not just the super eagles of Nigeria but other institutions in the country it self.

Some seems to think, it's not him and it is a parody account but whatever it is, Emmanuel Eboue hasn't come out publicly to deny that it isn't his twitter account. It is not beyond him tweet such insult if you ask me.

Here are some of the tweet he or any other person who is acting as him tweeted and trust me, those tweets were not cool at all

Congrat to Nigeria . Don't celebrate too much cuz we are coming for you. We are going to eat you like fufu

* If we don't beat you in the game, it means you are lucky. But trust me, we are going to deal with you so much , you would be eating grass

*Yeh yeh , common Nigerians, take your frustrations out on me and not your broken government and institutions.

*Same story across Africa Keep fooling
yourself and calling yourselfs the giant of africa. You are nothing but the soil of Africa we all work on now.

*Oh sorry Nigeria, I even heard your country owns the first African television and you cannot even televise the game to the masses

*Why don't you speak to your NFA that cant grow a good soccer academy & produce players to last for a decade instead of new faces every week

*You guys are jokers. Your institutions are comedy clubs. You have so many resources & man power yet you are always falling short.

*When keshi was in Togo, he dropped adebayor. He is in Nigeria and drops the best player. He is a manger he shud be able to work on their ego

*With all due respect 2 mikel, he is a good player but not Okocha,Samson,y ekini,Oliseh,ad epoju. Your football association is a joke

*A country where mikel obi is your best player & captain . Out of 150million people. You sure have a problem super chickens

*I see ppl saying I hv pride by saying we wud eat Nigeria like fried chickens, it's not pride guys, it's hardwork & passion 4 my country.

*In Nigeria team , some of your best strikers like martins ,yakubu & odewinge are not in the team. Why? No peace, passion, & humility

*My last word for Nigerians . Do not cry for me , cry for yourselves. In the true spirit of sport , I love you all . Don't get too emotional.

*Drogba, Yaya,kolo, Zakora, gervinho,KaLou, and myself and all other players. We are all the same. One unity and family. Country comes 1st

*I am not saying my country is perfect, but we try out best to represent Africa well.

*Blame me, i don't care. I would say my mind. You can even blame me Ghana can show the game to the masses and NTA cannot . Cover your face

*Look at the empty stadiums. People cannot come because stupid CAF put the money so high forgetting ppl can't even feed. Give free tickets

I have said enough on this matter. I was so angry. Speak to me when your national television can broadcast the game. Have a good day

This is definitely not cool at all

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