Friday, January 18, 2013


Trouble: Luis Suarez admitted he dived against Stoke
The Football Association have decided not to punish Luis Suarez despite the Liverpool striker's admission that he dived in an attempt to win a penalty against Stoke earlier this season.

The incident was dealt with at the time by referee Lee Mason - he did not book the striker and made no mention of the dive in his match report - so no retrospective action will be taken.

And because Theo Walcott admitted diving to win a penalty for Arsenal against Leeds in 2011 yet went unpunished by the FA at the time, a precedent has already been set.

But the FA will now have to answer accusations that this lack of punishment sends out the message to players that diving is acceptable.

This attitude is in stark contrast to Suarez's own club, whose boss, Brendan Rodgers, tore into his star player over the Uruguayan’s comments.

The Liverpool manager stopped short of fining his striker but insisted he will not tolerate any behaviour that undermines the club. ‘It was wrong to say what he said,’ said Rodgers. ‘It was not acceptable. 

This club has always kept its matters in house and that’s what we will do. But diving is not something we advocate here.’

The Northern Irishman spoke to Suarez at the training ground after his admission that he dived to try to win a penalty against Stoke. Rodgers considered fining Suarez for his  ill-judged words on ESPN Argentina — a two-week sanction would have cost him £200,000 — but decided against it even though there was precedent when Everton manager David Moyes fined Phil Neville after he was booked for diving during the Merseyside derby in October.

Given the consistent backing he has been given by his club this season, his decision to give such a candid interview has embarrassed Liverpool and Rodgers does not want the episode to come back and haunt his side.

‘It’s been difficult for us this season with regards to penalties,’ added Rodgers. ‘We’ve only had one. The team always goes into every game looking to win in the best possible way with a sporting manner and we don’t want that to change.

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