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So it;s no longer news that Lionel Messi won the the FIFA Balon d' Or a record three times. Yes i got it right. it's three times. He won the FIFA World footballer of the year in 2009 before it was merged with the Balon d' Or which use to be an European award until 2010.so he has being voted the best footballer on planet earth for a record four time. Wow!. I feel, the young at just age twenty five, deserve every accolade he get and, looking into my crystal ball, i feel he is going to win another Balon 'd Or award.

In my happiness, i had to post on the facebook group page of Premium Sports Center about the young Argentine who has mesmerize every football fan of this age. I expected reactions on whether Messi deserved the award but i got a different and very constructive criticism about the whole award itself from a senior colleague of mine, Olawale Adekoya. He is a magazine editor. check out the reaction.

Nice one @cosmos! But u didn't tel us wat Messi did to deserv d award! D award lacks integrity! Its been abused!

Folks vote based on sentiment, geography n mood!

How can we av an award where we do not hav a LAID DOWN PREREQUISITE or indices??? We do
n't know d yardsticks or wat exactly dey ar using to "annoint" winners???

Messi is a fantastic player! But he has won d award 3 times! Wat baffles me as an Analyst is dat: d three times he won d award; dey hav used diferent 'reasons'!

Before dey said no of Goals! Then in a worldcup year (wher messi flopped) dey said its about Team contributiob! Then it became no of trophies!

Mayb today it wd b about 'no of goals (which fifa had denounced)! I also rememba dat messi came 3rd as Argentine futballer of d Year! And he lost to Iniesta in d European award!

Am not blamin messi, but d CABAL dt keep changin d rules in d middle of d game! let fifa simply lay d rules b4 d season begins , so dat fans n pundits wd know wat to look out for! People shd stop blamin messi: its not his fault; afteral he is awesome! Its fifa n co, we shd ask!

Sombody shd tel me Y Messi is there n Drogba is not there! In a world cup year, where messi lost, he won d award! Let's c if he wd win it today, (even though Barca lost d laliga to madrid n ECL to chelsea! 

Then, as that wasn't enough, football fans in Nigeria complained of the FIFA best XI that consist of just Spanish La Liga players. Below are some of the reactions i compiled on a facebook group page owned by a  Lagos based radio station

''In all ramifications as regarding the players been listed as the fifa best 11pro it can be summarized that we have only 2 football clubs existing which are REAL MADRID AND BARCELONA''

''Wetin alves nd pique dey do thr?wen midfielders alyz cover thr asses,ramos nd mercelo wey dey leak goals like shit dese days,i no undastd alonso inclusion no doubt he's gud but last season so many players 4 dat positn wr beta...cheatin nd partaility stil dey 4 fifa''

''How did Casillas, Alves and Pique make d FIF Pro list?Where on earth is Buffon ,Chellini nd Bonucci?''

''y re people complaining, evryone knws dat fifa is a joke, i stopped taking all dis awards serious wen henry didnt win d award. cech should b in d list ahead of casilas, hummels, cheilini, barzagli ,kompany even pepe deserves to b on d list ahead of pique nd ramos, dani alves nd marcelo have no business on d list, remove alonso nd put pirlo. nd RVP Should b on d list instead of falcao, he is miles beta dan falcao''

''FIFA are a complete joke!PETR cech was better than Casillas last season. A cole was better than Marcelo. Don't even get me startedon Alonso. No one else exceptPirlo deserved that spot. Also, Last season RVP > Falcao.Fifa are retarded. FIFPro XI =LaLiga XIAnd not even a single players on that list won the Champions League last year. This also answers the question as to why FIFA termed La Liga as thebest league in Europe. Its because FIFA are base towards La Liga BBVA! This is wrong man, just plain WRONG!Thats all for my rant today''

So  the question is so simple. is FIFA award credible? what are the criteria for voting the Balon d' Or winner? Who are those voting? why is voting restricted to just coaches and captains? so many question that needs answer. 

One thing is clear though. Inasmuch as Cristanio Ronaldo was awesome in the year, Andreas Iniesta wasmarvelous for both Barcelona and Spain, Lionel Messi has made history and i think he deserves to win the award and he is on course to win again.

I also think that no matter how much we complain, the FIFA Balon d' Or award is 100% more credible than the CAF award. just saying. You might not agree. 



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