Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Kick cricket: Messi gets more joy from kicking the ball instead of bowling it

You will be amazed at how good Lionel Messi is good at playing ......cricket of all sports,

Not content with being the best in the world at football,  Messi has turned his hand to cricket.
In a promotional video for one of his club’s sponsors, Herbalife, Messi is given the chance to showcase his skills with both bat and ball in a baseball stadium. 

However judging by his efforts it looks very unlikely that the Barcelona star will be trading La Liga for Lord’s any time soon.
Eye on the ball: Messi prepares to face a ball

Strangely, given his fantastic dribbling skills, the Argentina forward’s batting technique is badly let down by his footwork and is therefore somewhat agricultural.

Watching it all the way: Messi hits the ball to the boundary
Despite this Messi appears to manage to hit consecutive boundaries, fearlessly taking guard without pads or helmet, before trying his luck with the ball in his hand.

While his rather suspect bowling action looks unlikely to pass the ICC’s strict guidelines, Messi does produce his own version of Shane Warne’s famous ‘ball of the century’ to Mike Gatting in 1993 – albeit in a slightly unorthodox style.
Hitting it out of the ground: Messi lines up a shot as he tries his hand at cricket

But Messi's talents do not stop there, despite being just 5ft 7in tall, he proves to be a decent basketball player, and he may be used to a ball at his feet but he is just as comfortable hitting a smaller ball with a table tennis bat. 

Source: Dailymail

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