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Tragedy: Reeva Steenkamp with Pistorius and (below) modelling for FHM
According to local sources, a bloodied cricket bat has been found at the home of South African Paralympic medalist Oscar Pistorius.

Police are working on theories that the bat could have been used by Pistorius to attack Reeva Steenkamp before shooting her dead, to break down the door of the bathroom where she was hiding, or even by the late model to defend herself, reported City Press in South Africa.

It was also claimed that investigation sources said Steenkamp's skull had been crushed
Amidst this new development, Pistorius' best friend has told how he received a phone call moments after Reeva had been shot dead and a distraught Blade Runnder later crying ‘My baba, I’ve killed my baba. God take me away.’

Before Pistorius called the emergency services he phoned Justin Divaris, 27, at 3.55am to tell him what had happened.

‘I said to him, “What are you talking about?” He then repeated himself – “There has been a terrible accident, I shot Reeva”,’ he told the Sunday People.

By the time the businessman had rushed to the athlete's luxury Pretoria home it had already been sealed off by police, but Mr Divaris described seeing the model 'covered in blankets and towels'.

Members of both families have spoken out as Pistorius’ father Henke 59, said he had ‘zero doubt’ the fatal shooting was a mistake saying his son had ‘acted on instinct’.

The father of the South African model allegedly murdered by Pistorius spoke movingly yesterday of his family’s grief – and said he bore the athlete no animosity.

Speaking for the first time since the death of his law graduate daughter, Mr Steenkamp, a horse trainer, wept as he said he and his wife June were at ‘a complete loss’.

He said: ‘This is a very difficult time for us. June is inconsolable. We just need to find some answers. We ask the Lord every day to help us find a reason why this should happen to Reeva. 

She was the most beautiful, kind girl in the world. She had love for everyone, and she was loved by everyone who knew her.’

Mr Steenkamp said he had never met Pistorius but his wife occasionally spoke to him on the phone.

On the day of the killing, Ms Steenkamp had been due to give a talk to high school pupils ‘to empower them to be confident’.

Her father said: ‘That’s what she was like, always wanting to help others.’
Meanwhile, Peet Van Zyl, of Pistorius' management company released a statement which said the athlete was pulling out of all scheduled races.

Pistorius broke down in tears in court when he was formally charged with Steenkamp’s premeditated murder and Mr Steenkamp said: ‘He must be going through things that we don’t know about. There is no hatred in our hearts.’

Henke Pistorius told the Sunday Telegraph a sportsman's 'instinct' was behind the tragedy, and said the family has pledged to do whatever it takes to clear Oscar's name.

Further details of the events at Pistorius’ Pretoria mansion in the early hours of Valentine’s Day have come to light as is was unveiled that he tried to give Miss Steenkamp the kiss of life.

After Pistorius carried his girlfriend’s blood-soaked body from the bathroom where she was shot, he tried to revive her, sources close to the investigation told The Sun.

‘There was a great deal of blood and they were convinced Reeva was still alive at that point when Pistorius was giving her the kiss of life, but she died soon after,’ a South African source said.

The has also been speculation about whether Ms Steenkamp's relationship with a playboy rugby player could have been behind a possible row which may have led to her tragic death.

South African reports have linked the 24-year-old to Springbok Francois Hougaard - a close friend of Pistorius - according to the Sunday Mirror.

The 24-year-old failed to turn out for a scheduled match with his side the Vodacom Bulls in the days after Ms Steenkamp's death.

The pair, who have been friends for a number of years and were in regular contact via Twitter, are understood to have dated in the past.

Among those to comment on the speculation surrounding their relationship on Twitter were Nelson Mandela's personal assistant, whose reference to 'rumours about a rugby player alleged to be involved somehow' was later retweeted by South African journalist Barry Bateman to his 18,000 strong Twitter following.

Ms Steenkamp had been dating Pistorius since November.

It has been reported she was hit four times by bullets fired through the door of a bathroom. Pistorius, 26, a keen marksman, owned a pistol and machine gun.

The pair had been called South Africa’s ‘golden couple’, and the arrest of Pistorius – who in London last year became the first man to compete at both an Olympics and Paralympics – was met with disbelief.

Former girlfriends of the Paralympian have publicly suggested he has a dark side. 
One, 26-year-old student Samantha Taylor, said he is ‘certainly not what people think he is’. 

It was also learnt that Ms Taylor has been warned  to expect a subpoena, forcing her to give evidence at Pistorius’s trial.

Ms Steenkamp appeared on a TV programme, Tropika Island of Treasure, in South Africa last night, which sees celebrities paired with contestants competing for a cash prize. 

Executive producer Samantha Moon claimed the programme had the backing of Reeva’s family. She said: ‘This is how they want to remember her.’ 

Reeva’s funeral will be on Tuesday, the same day Pistorius will appear in court on Tuesday for a bail hearing, something police have said they opposed.

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