Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Barcelona's Lionel Messi

In a direct threat to the Uefa Champions league, the biggest clubs in the world are to be offered massive financial packages to compete in a 24-team tournament in Qatar every two years.
According to  The Times, the Qatari royal family will release plans next month to set up a 'Dream Football League' (DFL) involving clubs such as Manchester United and Barcelona.

Qatar, who will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, are aiming to become a major power in world football and are reported to be willing to offer each club £175million just for taking part.

To put that in perspective, Chelsea were awarded £47.3m for winning last season's Champions League. 

The total prize money given out by Europe's leading club competition is £595m - that figured would be dwarfed by the money given by the DFL to just four of its 24 proposed participants. 

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid
The DFL would take place every two years starting from the summer of 2015. It would be played in Qatar and its neighbouring gulf states.

The aim is to have 16 permanent DFL members, with a further eight clubs from around the world invited to compete in each tournament.
Rich pickings: Qatar would offer huge cash rewards to world's top cliubs

Four of the proposed permanent members are thought to be English clubs, with United on the radar along with Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal.

The project is thought to already having backing from Europe in Paris, where Paris Saint-Germain are owned by Qatar Sports Investement (QSI).
Major support: David Beckham's Paris Saint-Germain already receive backing from Gulf state

Now the controversial questions which should be answered by the organisers and also the likely answers answered by pundits

1) What do they hope to achieve with this tournament?

2) When would it take place? 
In the summer months, every two years, starting in 2015 to avoid a clash with the World Cup and European Championship finals. However it would clash with tournaments in other federations, such as Africa, Asia, North and South America.

3) How can a summer tournament be held in Qatar?
As with the 2022 World Cup, the plan is to combat the 40-degree heat with the use of air conditioning in the stadiums and public areas.

4) Why does Qatar want to host the event?
Firstly it would help them overcome concerns about players and fans safety at the 2022 World Cup finals. They also want the prestige of hosting a world sport event.

5)How would UEFA and FIFA react?
Clubs could face serious consequences if the tournament conflicted with existing FIFA, UEFA or domestic competitions.

6)Could it happen? 
The cash rewards was massive and bound to turn heads but could it just be a ruse to squeeze more money of the Champions League pot?

Let's keep our hands crossed.. 


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