Thursday, April 25, 2013


Pals stick together: Reina has stood up for Suarez after he was handed a ten-game ban

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has described the FA’s decision to ban Luis Suarez for 10 games 'absurd and unfair' after the Uruguay striker was banned for 10 games by an FA disciplinary panel yesterday for his bite on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. 

Reina who was speaking to Spanish radio Cadena Cope, feels the Uruguayan is being treated unfairly in England.
'I consider myself a friend of Luis. People in England are treating him different because he is Uruguayan; because he has had a previous episode like this. 

'He knows full well that what he did was wrong but a ten-game ban seems to me absurd, out of proportion and unfair. It seems that the people making the decisions have got it in for Luis a little bit. That’s the way I see it.

'I know Luis and I know that he is the complete opposite (off the pitch) he is a magnificent person and great team-mate. 

Biting back: Reina claims the Uruguayan's ban is hypocritical of the Football Association
'But because of the way he plays, he is aggressive and very competitive, he plays like a street player and sometimes the way he is gets him into trouble.'

But when Reina was asked if this meant that there was Xenophobia in England he said: 'No, but there is hypocrisy – a different yardstick is used.'

The 30-year-old said he was "delighted" to be in England despite the outburst. 'I am delighted to be here,' he said. 'People have always treated me very well.'

The bite on Ivanovic isn't the first time Suarez has been in trouble with the FA
But Reina did suggest that Suarez may be unhappy, and could fit in any side if he did choose to move. 'Right now he is a Liverpool player,' he said.

'He is having a bad time of it and so is his family. He is certainly good enough to fit into any team in the world.'

Suarez had accepted the FA charge of violent conduct but claimed his ban should be three games, the standard punishment for violent conduct, but the striker is a repeat offender.

The ban covers their final four games of this season and the first six games of next season, meaning Suarez may not play again until October.

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