Thursday, April 04, 2013


He can pay: Nasri's solicitor said that the City star would be able to afford the court's fine

Samir Nasri have become the second Manchester City player to charged for driving offences as he has been banned from driving for six months because of an issue related to unpaid speeding fines.

This comes just after his team-mate Carlos Tevez was hit with a 250 community service order and was also banned for six months because of motoring offences. 

The former Arsenal player had been fined £1,900 but won it back after signing a declaration saying he did not know his Mercedes has been caught on camera speeding on three occasions.  

In September 2011, it was caught at 70mph in a 40 zone and then in October 2011 at 39 in a 30 zone.

Finally in December it was snapped doing 38 in a 30 zone.

The traffic police took up the case again after Nasri won his fine back and the player pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to provide police with a driver's identity. 

He was fined a total of £2001 plus £105 in costs, given 18 penalty points and a six month driving ban.

Nasri has never admitted being behind the wheel of the car on any of the above occasions.

He was represented in court rather than appearing himself. Nasri's solicitor, Nick Terry, said: 'Simply, he had a poor system of administration.

'In this case, the defendant received the notices some months after the driving. It took some time for the notices to be sent out.

'There will be a disqualification today, and he’s aware of that. He’s not driving at present and I will inform him immediately after the hearing of that disqualification.

'I don’t have details of his income, but suffice to say he can pay whatever fine is deemed suitable by the courts.'

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