Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Horror show: Chris Samba (right) made mistakes but said he didn't deserve to be racially abused for them

DR Congo and Queens Park Rangers centre back Chris Samba has hit out after being racially abused on Twitter.

The former Blackburn Rovers defender made two costly mistakes during his side's 3-2 defeat to Fulham and despite apologising for his performance was allegedly called 'a negro'.

He tweeted: 'As for the racist abuse I receive last nite I did not deserve at all, called it a early day today to be called a negro for a game of football.

'2013 kick racism out of football, retweet if you are against it thank you, no matter what race, sex or nationality STOP RACISM OUT OF FOOTBALL.'

The defender originally took to his Twitter profile to apologise for his first-half performance in the west London derby, and he slated fans who brought up his £100k wage and heavy price tag, telling his critics to 'grow up.'

Samba, a £12.5 million January signing from Anzhi Makhachkala, said he and his fellow pros deserve respect for entertaining millions around the world.

'You keep talking about 100k performance, tell me what is a 100k performance? we as players go out and give our all,' posted Samba.

'We do are best every week,what I get payed has nothing to do with any of you,as for my price tag I didn't put a price on my head,grow up pls.

Dejected: QPR's defence, with Samba (left) only had themselves to blame after the 3-2 defeat to Fulham
'U all moan about players and wages,but we don't just entertain u we entertain millions around the world,with out us what would u tweet about?

'We play this sport as players that we love but also is a job,we keep millions happy on a sat,we get payed to entertain u all.

'Fed up with the money tweets get over it and support the team,good nite.'

Samba's first costly mistake in the defeat was a trip on Ashkan Dejagah in the area to hand Fulham a penalty, which Dimitar Berbatov coolly dispatched.

Things went from bad to worse for Samba when he lost the ball on the edge of his own area to gift Berbatov a second goal.

The rant over wages came after the defender's humble apology for his poor display.
'I'm really sorry I let the side down,really upset with my 1st half performance I can't say sorry enough to all the supporters,won't give up,' he posted.

'Before I go tonight I just wanna say I see a lot of you talk about I shouldn't say sorry, well when I'm wrong I'm wrong I hold my hands up.'

And he was back on the micro-blogging site this morning, defending his performance and offering two VIP tickets and a match shirt to one of his followers as an apology.

He said: 'See every one talking about mistake like footballers can't make have a off day on the pitch,we are human like all u,grow up some of u please.

'Giving away 2more tickets with players lounge as a sorry for yesterday game,just retweet to enter,meet u also in person and hand u my shirt.'


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