Thursday, May 30, 2013


Staying fit: Robin van Persie has been wearing the hamstring support at Manchester United

Have you ever wondered why Robin Van Persie have been injury for close to two seasons? 

For a notoriously injury-prone player, Van Persie missed almost an entire year of action in his final five years at Arsenal with a succession of knee and ankle problems.

But in the last two seasons, the Dutchman has stayed fit and healthy, allowing him to concentrate on what he does best - scoring goals. 

So what is the secret?

It is understood that  Van Persie's secret weapon in his fight to stay fit - an American-made elastic 'compression sleeve' product called the BodyHelix.

Range: Two examples of the BodyHelix range used by Van Persie, Rooney and other players
Van Persie started wearing the fabric on his thighs and calves during training and matches in February 2012 - and has not suffered an injury since despite playing back-to-back seasons of 48 club matches. 
That's better: RVP apears to have benefited from the supports

It is also understood that the 29-year-old also recommended the BodyHelix to strike partner Wayne Rooney after he suffered a gruesome gash to his thigh against Fulham back in August.  

No wonder, Rooney returned to the United side within a month, despite the severity of the injury.
Influence: Wayne Rooney used the support after he suffered a bad leg gash
Nani and Anderson also wear the product to help their bodies cope with the rigorous demands of top level football, as do a number of van Persie's former team-mates at 

The makers of the BodyHelix say dozens of elite athletes in the United States, including NFL and NBA stars, wear the sleeves on their arms and legs but its use by Premier League footballers is a well-kept secret.

Range: Two examples of the BodyHelix range used by Van Persie, Rooney and other players
They claim their product compresses soft tissue around the muscles, tendons and joints, reducing vibrations from heavy impact with the pitch and therefore reducing stress. 


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