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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Former England international Mark Chamberlain, who is the father of Arsenal's winger cum midfielder, Oxlade-Chamberlain have admitted that he did not see his son's wonder goal against Brazil in a friendly at the Maracana stadium because he fell asleep in front of his television.

Oxlade-Chamberlain mirrored his father by playing for his country in Brazil's Maracana Stadium, but went one step better by scoring in the iconic venue.

Level best: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain equalised for England but his dad missed it as he was asleep
He climbed off the bench to draw Roy Hodgson's men level at 1-1 with a fine half volley, but his dad missed it.

Chamberlain, who played in England's 1984 victory in the Maracana, told BBC Radio 5 Live: 'I was a bit gutted. I actually didn't see it. I had loads of texts saying it was a fantastic goal.
Celebrations: Oxlade-Chamberlain (left and below left) can't hide his delight after scoring

'I was dropping his mother off at the airport at 6am this morning and I fell asleep. I have it on tape and will watch it back.'

When told that his dad missed his goal because he fell asleep Oxlade-Chamberlain said: 'It doesn't surprise me that he fell asleep.

'He'll probably be the last person to get in touch.'

Like his dad, Oxlade-Chamberlain has had a taste of success in the Maracana. Like his dad, he is quick, strong, balanced. Like his dad, he plays on the wing, although many believe he will eventually operate in the centre, behind the striker. 

After the match, Oxlade-Chamberlain tweeted: 'Cant forget to shout out the amazing travelling fans tonight.Thanks for making the trip all the way out here,you make a big difference!'

Swap deal: Oxlade-Chamberlain (left) exchanges shirts with Brazil superstar Neymar
He added: 'Nice to end the season with a goal! Great finish from @WayneRooney as well tonight! Nice break now and looking forward to next season!'

In an interview in 2011. Mark Chamberlain compared football in his days and in the present 'There are similarities 'Especially with the speed. He's progressing. But he thinks I played a hundred years ago, when footballers were rubbish. He wonders how I could have been quick when I can't even get up the stairs.'

Chamberlain added: 'This is a better age to be a footballer. I went to the Arsenal training ground and if I were a player I would never have wanted to leave.

Honoured: Mark Chamberlain in 1984 and (below) being interviewed by Sportsmail in 2011
'It's better financially but I wouldn't swap what I went through for what Alexander will have to handle. We had a good time and enjoyed it without the intense  scrutiny. He's got to handle that. It's going to be difficult but they get a lot of spin-offs.

'We had a boot chitty at Port Vale for £100 a year. When your boots were worn out, it was murder trying to get another pair. 

Then I got £3,000 a year to wear adidas. I've a picture of me playing for England at Hampden Park wearing my old adidas World Cups. There's a hole in the toe and they're all scuffed up, but they were lovely.

Mark Chamberlain
'Alexander can wear a different pair of boots every game. It used to take us two months to wear them in. It took you so long to get them comfortable you wouldn't want to give them away.'

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