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Painful: Walcott is due to have surgery in the next two weeks but Mackay will contact Arsenal on Wednesday

I do not know if i can call this a great news for all Arsenal fans and in extension, supporters of the English football national team also know as the '' Three Lions''. I do not know how it will be possible for Theo Walcott to be back in less than four month in time for the world cup but a doctor has insisted that it is possible.

A Scottish surgeon, Professor Gordon Mackay, claims he can save recently injured Arsenal forward Theo Walcott’s World Cup with a pioneering piece of equipment.

Professor Mackay, who used to work for Rangers, says he can get the England forward back playing in as little as four months.

Walcott was ruled out for the rest of the season and Brazil 2014 after he ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in Arsenal's FA cup tie against Tottenham on Saturday. 
Sidelined: Walcott has been ruled out for six months after rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament against Spurs

However, Mackay, according to DailyMail, predicts that by using an internal brace, Walcott could run again in as little as 12 weeks.

The procedure would involve a device being inserted into Walcott’s knee, which Mackay says would instantly stabilise the joint and allow the forward to begin his rehabilitation sooner. This would allow the ruptured ligament to re-attach itself naturally to the bone and Walcott could progressively increase his workload.

Walcott is due to have surgery in the next two weeks to repair the damage.

Mackay, who has helped numerous sportspeople with  this alternative technique, will contact Arsenal on Wednesday.
Scottish surgeon Professor Gordon Mackay believes he can speed up Theo Walcott's recovery

He helped British bobsleigher John Jackson recover from a ruptured achilles tendon in July. He was back in a bobsled by October with the use of an  internal brace.

Mackay said: ‘Arsenal will have their plans in place for Theo Walcott’s recovery and these are always sensitive issues. But we would like to inform the club of this different approach.’

So the question is if Arsenal and even the managers of the English national football team would want to take this chance considering that the surgeon has the pedigree of helping other sport men with similar injury to Walcott, to get back in record time. Only time will tell.

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