Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Winner: Manchester United's Robin van Persie is the most popular player in the Premier League

Manchester United Robin van Persie is the most popular player in the English Premier League, howbeit, in terms of shirt sales.

According to findings on Premier League Season Review 2013/14, Van Persie was ahead of Liverpool pair Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez in having the most fans use his name last season.

Suarez has since moved away from Anfield, after a £75million deal with Barcelona, but Liverpool fans across the world previously flocked to have the Uruguayan on their replica kit.
                               Flocked: Arsenal fans in their hundreds bought Mesut Ozil shirts when he signed from Real Madrid last year
On signing for Arsenal this time last year, Mesut Ozil's reputation was plainly evident with hundreds of people pictured with the strip accompanied with the Germany star's name ahead of his first game.

Unsurprisingly, Wayne Rooney is consistently in the top 10 and that was no different in the last campaign.
Household name: England striker Wayne Rooney finds himself consistently in the top 10 
The continued sale of 'Rooney 10' shirts goes some way to explaining why United have always been so desperate to keep the striker and only heightens the perception that the club's global brand is as important as results.
                                Friendly shake: Shinji Kagawa (greeting Ozil) has a strong appeal in Japan and Asia in general 
Shinji Kagawa, has shifted loads of Manchester United shirts since his move from Dortmund, largely because of the Japan midfielder's vast appeal in Asia and not necessarily because of his on pitch form.
                           Put a name on it: Juan Mata's transfer from Chelsea to Old Trafford in January sparked more sales 
Others include, Chelsea's Eden Hazard has become the main attraction in Jose Mourinho's Chelsea squad, Manchetsr City's Sergio Aguero, who missed a chunk of last season but fans still wore his shirt, Juan Mata, whos transfer from Chelsea to Old Trafford in January sparked more sales for Manchester United and Frank Lampard who left Chelsea on free last season and is now with Manchester City on a 6 months loan.


1. Robin van Persie
2. Steven Gerrard
3. Luis Suarez 
4. Eden Hazard
5. Mesut Ozil 
6. Wayne Rooney
7. Sergio Aguero
8. Juan Mata
9. Shinji Kagawa
10. Frank Lampard 


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