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Finally Mourinho Speaks To The Media ...... In A Lackadaisical Manner

Jose Mourinho spoke to press on Friday ahead of Chelsea's trip to Aston Villa
Whether you love him or hate him, Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho is one person that always up the ante whatever mood he is in. Simply put, you will never know any dull moment with him.

Mourinho was in a frosty mood as he broke his self-imposed silence after avoiding media responsibilities for the last ten days.

The self - styled 'Special One'was speaking publicly for the first time since being fined £25,000 by the Football Association for saying there was a ‘clear campaign’ by referees against Chelsea; Dailymail reveal

Trust him; He said he was only attending the press conference to preview his side’s match at Aston Villa tomorrow because he had to and not because he wanted to.

He answered every question with so much reluctance, monosyllabicly and in a 'cantankerous' moody manner like he had no care in the world and was daring the power that be to come and sanction him if they dared

When he was asked why he didn't speak to the media before Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with title rivals Manchester City, Mourinho said: ‘Because, if you want, you can make a silence very noisy. Then he added,‘You know why I'm here, so you cannot expect that I'm super happy to be here,’
Read the full transcript of his interview you will understand why i think the Portuguese took sarcasm to the next level.

Are you excited by Cuadrado?
'Yeah. Normal.'
What can he bring?
'I don't think it's the best thing for him that I speak about expectations. He needs his time, as everyone does. He will have his time. It's not a panic buy. It's a reaction to Schurrle, a departure that is not a panic buy because he's a player we've known for a long, long time. 
'I've coached in his league for two seasons. We are happy with our business. Schurrle is a player we like very, very much but the business was very good. We are happy with it.'
Any regret with Schurrle?
'No. No. We are happy with what he gave us. We are happy with the investment we did on him, one and a half years ago. We are happy with the profit we made in this transfer window. Hopefully we made him a better player. Hopefully he can have success in the future because we like him very much.'
You never seem to win at Villa Park... why is this?
'Because the opponents score more goals than us, or sometimes the same number of goals.'
They're the team with the least goals, you're the team with the most... hot favourites?
'I don't have to speak about Aston Villa.'
What did you learn from that defeat last year?
'I learned nothing that I hadn't learned before that. There are matches that are impossible to win and you have to be smart enough to understand that. Afer so many years in football, there are matches that I clearly know it's impossible to win.'
How many sides are there in the title race?
'That's not my problem. We are one side. It's up to the others to wonder whether they are title contenders or not. We consider we are, even if sometimes it's more difficult that it might be. But we consider ourselves contenders.'
Team news?
'Filipe [Luis] is injured. The player [Diego Costa] is suspended.'
'I told you. Filipe is injured and the player who is suspended is suspended. Everybody (else) is fit.'
Where will Cuadrado play in your team?
'Goalkeeper impossible because we don't need him there. Central defenders we don't need, and he's too small. After that he can play everywhere.'
Is he ready now?
'I think he can, unless the Premier League or FA say some rule stops him.'
Can Mohammed Salah come back?
'He's a Chelsea player who is on loan. He's our player. When we sell the players, they're not ours. But he is our player.'
Are you proud of the business you've done in the last few windows?
'That's not my job at the club. You have to give credit to the people in the club who deal with numbers. They deserve credit for that.'
Does that game at Villa Park still rankle with you?
'I don't speak about it. I don't have to speak about it.'
Drogba or Remy tomorrow?
'Yes. One (of them).'
Five points clear, Capital One Cup final, Champions League last 16, you should be enjoying it. You don't appear to be? Is that fair?
'I'm enjoying my work with my players. When I like my players, when I like my squad, I'm much more happy, more motivated to work, and this is the case.'
It's just when you speak to us?
'Speak to you? You know why I'm here, so you cannot expect that I'm super happy to be here.'
So you're here because you have to be here?
Could Cuadrado start? Or does he need a bit longer to settle down?
'I'm going to repeat the words I said three weeks ago, so many now people can understand. I said, he fits into the Fiorentina and Colombia's team. At this moment, he fits in Colombia and Chelsea teams.'
Is he at the right physical level?
'He trained just two days. I cannot say much. The business situation almost to the last minute on Monday, he had to go to Paris for visas and the legal situation on the Tuesday. He only trained here a couple of days. I cannot say much.'
Why didn't you speak to the media before City?
'Because, if you want, you can make a silence very noisy. It depends what you want to do. You could. You could. You could make noise with my silence, because you know the reason for my silence. It depends on you. If I was a journalist, from silence I could make lots of words.'
All because of Costa's ban?
'Not just (that).'
How do you reflect on that suspension?
'I don't reflect, because maybe I'll be punished if I reflect. Maybe they can read my reflection, and I don't want that.'
Any word on Kurt Zouma's progression?
'Good. Very good.'
Do you expect more from him still?
'A kid of 20, I expect always to improve.'
Are you pleased with your position?
'I feel the distance could be much bigger. If I analysed – which I'm not going to do – the last five, six, seven matches, we could, we should have a bigger difference.'
Why no new deal announced with Hazard?
'Why should it be officialised? Why? What's the problem? He has a contract with Chelsea for two or three more years. Are you worried? I'm not worried. I'm not worried.'
Varane at 18, now Zouma at 20 with Chelsea... are you impressed by both players, the future of the French team?
'I think the French federation should write me a letter to thank me because I think they have now the two best young defenders in the world. Not the two 'best', because they are young. There are final products, mature players of 25, 28, 30 years of age. But as young defenders, can you imagine what Zouma and Varane could represent in a couple of years? Didier [Deschamps] should be very happy with that. For sure.'
Do you expect to be fined by the Premier League for not attending the media conferences?
'You know, the only surprise I had in relation for that was not to be punished when I was pushed by another manager. Apart from that, I can expect everything.'
Are you thinking about PSG?
'No. Three matches to play before that. I don't have time. I have to prepare Aston Villa, Everton and, after that, yes. After Everton I will prepare for PSG.'
How did University affect your life?
'Every experience you have in life helps you to be what you are. University was five years of my life. For sure, it made a contribution to what I am. I cannot measure it. I can't say it's more important than being a manager's son, or more important than being an assistant to other managers. I don't know.'

What a lackadaisical way of responding to questions asked by the media. At least no one will accuse him of boycotting any other pre - match press conference anymore. 

(The full transcript of Jose Mourinho's interview was culled from

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