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Why Always Him? Mourinho Threatens Media Walk Out After Been Asked About Ivanovic Challenge

Mourinho delivers a withering look as he stood firm on not answering questions about Ivanovic

Jose Mourinho is at it again. This time the Chelsea manager threatened to walk out of a post match media conference just because the press had the 'audacity' to ask him of his thought on the scuffle involving defender Branislav Ivanovic in Chelsea's 1-0 win over Everton.

The self styled 'Special One' refused to give his view when questioned in the post-match press conference immediately after the match.

In a perfect description, there was a moment, less than a minute into Mourinho's appearance after victory, when the threat was real and the mood was menacing.

'One more question I leave, so I'm more concerned with my reaction, so one more question and I will have to go,' claimed Chelsea's manager.

For those who didn't see the match (especially Nigerians who didn't have the opportunity to see it on cable TV), Mourinho had just been asked about the moment in the 88th minute when Gareth Barry's dopey challenge on Willian caused an almighty rumpus in front of the two technical areas.

The Chelsea boss refused to talk about the incident which saw Ivanovic wrap an arm around McCarthy's neck
As expected, Mourinho jumped out of his seat, followed wearily and predictably by the concertinaed figures of coaches Rui Faria, Steve Holland, Christophe Lollichom and Silvino Louro. 

Ramires was waving an imaginary card at referee Jonathan Moss, for which he was booked, and Chelsea's bench were demanding the return of capital punishment down there.  For a minute, it looked like hell was let loosed as players of both sides almost went into blows.
Branislav Ivanovic aggressively wraps his arm around Everton midfielder James McCarthy

The resulting free-kick led to the decisive goal and Branislav Ivanovic was involved. His header was punched out unconvincingly by Tim Howard to Willian, who struck the winner.
Willian heads to the corner flag to celebrate and is soon joined by his Chelsea team-mates

And when asked asked about the apparent headbutt, the Portuguese coach threatened to walk out.
Mourinho watched his side edge out Everton at Stamford Bridge

Mourinho had earlier cut short an interview with BBC because he was asked same question saying:'Sorry. See you tomorrow.'

For the FA, the focus on will be on the Serb, who was accused on social media of biting Everton substitute James McCarthy.
The incident took place during a melee in the closing stages of Chelsea's 1-0 win against Everton

The Wembley - based football governing body will Ivanovic charge for violent conduct after shoving his head into the side of McCarthy's left ear before Chelsea's captain John Terry and Didier Drogba could eventually drag the him away. 

Everton manager, who lost Gareth Barry to a late red card, was highly critical of Ivanovic and felt he should have being dismissed from the match.
Barry was eventually sent off in the second half for his part in the melee 

'Ivanovic's behaviour is wrong.

'He grabs James McCarthy around his neck in a very forceful manner, then he puts his head against him when James McCarthy never reacted one single bit.

'If you want to be on top of the laws that's a red card.' 

For Mourinho, who has already shown his displeasure at striker Diego Costa being suspended retrospectively for three matches for stamping on Liverpool's Emre Can, he could be fined by the Premier League for opting out of media duties surrounding last month's draw with Manchester City.

Ivanovic (left) is congratulated by Chelsea manager Mourinho after the final whistle on Wednesday

Though he finally spoke to the media before the match against Aston Villa, Mourinho was in a reluctant and lackadaisical mood as he responded to the questions from the pressmen.

Mourinho, who was fined £25,000 by the Football Association for saying there was a ‘clear campaign’ by referees against Chelsea, is always of the opinion that his side are unfairly treated at all times.

Check out the full transcript of the interview he almost walked out of.

REPORTER: The mass confrontation between the players at the end...
MOURINHO (cuts in): You know, I'm tired of stories. I'm never tired of football and football is emotion and football is what we had here today.
A discussion because of a red card that should be given in the first half because [Gareth] Barry should be sent off in the first half because he had a yellow card. He pulled Hazard when Hazard goes to attack a defender so second yellow card should be shown there.
So nothing, nothing important.
REPORTER: How concerned are you that Branislav Ivanovic might face retrospective action?
MOURINHO: I'm concerned about my reaction because one more question I leave and after that you're not happy.
I'm more concerned with my reaction because the next question for that story, I have to go.
REPORTER: Do you think you should have had a penalty?
MOURINHO: I think it is a clear penalty but i think the referee had a fantastic performance.
[It is] a very difficult performance when the game is one team defending, recovering the ball and playing it to [Romelu] Lukaku. This for a referee must be a nightmare.
He has to be focused on one box then suddenly a long ball and the ball is faster than the referee.
So I think [it was a] very difficult match for him but very stable performance. And the official that disallowed the goal was a fantastic decision.

(Transcript of the full interview were culled from

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