Monday, March 16, 2015

Like Father Like Son! Mourihno's Son Blasts Chelsea Fans, Labelling Them A 'Disgrace'

Jose Mario celebrates winning Chelsea's Capital One Cup victory with some of the players
Is this a case of 'like father like son' thing or Jose Mourinho's son has a mind of his own devoid of any influence from his father?. We all know that Chelsea manager says his mind and thrive in controversy but his son, Jose Mario has gone a step further,as he criticized Chelsea fans for booing their players.

Mario labelled the fans 'a disgrace' and the worst he has ever seen in his life after they booed Chelsea players, especially, Cesc Fabregas in Sunday's 1-1 draw with Southampton. 
 A goalkeeper at Fulham, the son of the self - styled 'Special One' insisted that Fabregas, who has struggled to hit the heights he set during the first half of the season when he made 13 assists did not deserve to be singled out for criticism. 

The former Arsenal captain has not scored or assisted a goal in his last 10 games in all competitions and the last goal he made was against Swansea on January 17 and Jose Mario thinks the fans are not fair to the 27 year old Spaniard.

'Why is everyone hating and blaming Fabregas for Sunday's performance… It was a team effort''. Mario wrote on his instagram page
Jose Mario took to Instagram to criticise Chelsea's fans before deleting his account
'Fabregas might have not played as well as most expected but at least he kept fighting… Showed a lot of character, I've seen bad Chelsea fans but Sunday was the worse I've ever seen, Fans booing Cesc not singing at all, I completely agree with the chant 'Mourinho's right, you're fans are s****' 'Our fans are a disgrace!!!!'

Responding to comments left by other Instagram users, Jose Maria also wrote that: he would show Chelsea fans respect when they respect the team, that club staff hate Chelsea fans because of their criticism of the team, Fans were wrong to criticise Willian, Oscar, and Branislav Ivanovic , Chelsea's young players are not good enough to play in the Premier League yet, and he advised fans should listen to his opinions because he knows more than them 

Responding to two users criticism, Jose Maria was very mouthy: 'I'll show the fans some respect, when the fans respect the team.'
Jose Mario also claims all Chelsea staff hate Chelsea fans and tells him to listen to his views
To another user, he wrote: 'Who has been scoring goals??? Iva... Willian he is just having a bad time, every player has that doesn't mean you can boo them and put their momentum down... Oscar, he hasn't done anything wrong, please elaborate, cuz I don't see anything wrong with him.'
Jose Mario claims he will respect the Chelsea fans when they respect the team
To the same user, he also wrote: 'That's why every single staff of Chelsea hate Chelsea fans!! Oscar has created a lot of our chances... Willian and Ivanovic are probably the players who track back the most they don't stop running Ivanovic has saved us this season, scored so many goals and helped beat Liverpool with their s****y youngsters... Willian put the cross in... You need to remember who you are talk to and realise I know a lot more than you.'

And in a third exchange with the same user, he added: 'Does it look like any of our youth are good enough to play in the best league in the world... No they are too young too weak... if fans kept supporting Fabregas he could change his mind set, booing him won't make him better at all.'

The 15 year old is not the only one condemning the attitude of Chelsea fans towards their players as his father, Mourinho, also raised concern over the kind of support his team gets at Stamford Bridge.

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