Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The True Story Behind Tiger Woods Split With Lindsy Vonn

Lindsey Vonn claimed that she and Tiger Woods broke up over busy schedules. But MailOnline has learned that Tiger had a one-night stand and Lindsey packed her bags when he confessed
About a week ago, Golf star, Tiger Woods and Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn ended their love relationship and the explanation for the split is that both lead incredibly hectic lives that force them to spend a majority of their time apart. 

However, it has been revealed that the reason for the split was because Woods cheated on his ever faithful amongst other reasons.

MailOnline exclusively revealed that Tiger cheated on Lindsey - with a faceless, nameless woman during one of those times they stayed apart.

According to a friend close to Lindsey, Wood had a one night stand when he was eliminated from the San Diego-based Farmer's Insurance Classic in February, somewhere near his old stomping grounds in Southern California

Vonn, who won her 63rd World Cup race in January is collecting $22million in endorsement deals and is gearing up to hit the Olympic slopes and promoting her new Lindsey Vonn Foundation to empower young girls.

'Lindsey found out about the cheating the easy way, if there is an easy way. She didn't check his texts. Tiger confessed. He took the opposite strategy he did with Elin - his ex - wife, and instead of hiding it, he admitted it before getting caught.

'He doesn't even see it as cheating. It's just stress relief. It's hard for him to see that he's bad. Maybe he's not. He's not married to Lindsey. But he also won't get her back. She's another strong woman like Elin who respects herself too much.

'Why would she think her Tiger would change its stripes? She knew what she was in for. She reads the papers. We all read about the blonde table full of women in New York.'

Media reports claimed Tiger was seen going into a Manhattan restaurant last December, only to flirt and eventually leave the women.

This is not the first time that Tiger had cheated on his spouse as he did so with his ex - wife, former Swedish model, Elin, who gave birth to two kids for him.

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