Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Brazil's Apex court names Sport Recife 1987 league winner instead of Flamengo

The Supreme Court in Brazil have decided that football club Sport Recife are the winner of the 1987 league title instead of Rio de Janeiro club, Flamengo

Sport, that often times fights against relegation than for titles, got the ruling over Flamengo 3-1 by a five-member panel.

One member of the panel refuse to give his ruling because his son had worked as an attorney in the case for Flamengo.

The long-running dispute began when Flamengo won the title in a league created by the clubs involved.

Brazil's football confederation, however, decided to organise a separate league, which was won by Sport then tried to get the two teams to play each other in a final which Flamengo rejected.

Had the panel failed to decide, the case would have gone to the full 11-member Supreme Court.

"Football is passion, but the ideal is that sporting decisions do not come to court," Justice Rosa Maria Weber said.

Justice Marco Aurelio Mello, a Flamengo fan that ruled against his club, said there will be no more appeals in the affair. "This will be the final score," Mello said during the session.

Also a Flamengo fan, Justice Luis Roberto Barroso said: "There is no place worse than the judicial system to discuss sports." He voted to split the title between the two clubs.

After the decision, Barroso said "40 million fans have their hearts shattered." Justice Mello added: "And that includes me."

Flamengo, the most popular team in Brazil, have always claimed the title and are unlikely to be swayed by the high-court ruling.

Sport Recife, however proudly announced the title on its website.

"[The title of] 87 is, undoubtedly, ours," Sport Recife said. "In court, once more, Sport beat those who ran away."

Flamengo used Twitter to answer Sport's comment. "On the pitch, on the ball, always Flamengo. Brazilian champion of 1987."

Brazil's football confederation did not comment on the ruling.

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