Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The ease that Rising Wealth gives you

Your earning wouldn't determine how wealthy you will become, it's what you invest, that will eventually get you rich.
Investing is not difficult or risky as many might think.
Wealth creation is a subject that can be learned and anyone can build wealth over a period of time. For some, it may be shorter and for others, longer; but wealth creation follows a certain principle that once set in motion, must yield the fruit thereof

Ignorance accompanied with Greed has been the reason Nigerians have lost heavily to supposedly investment cum 'Ponzi'
The tag "Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop" comes to play. Promises like financial liberty and financial freedom  turns out to be bankruptcy and a hole in the pocket.
Its no gainsaying that Nigerian ponzi sites has left so many Nigerians reeling in pain and a lot more has felt the sharp sting of "Online platform robbery". This ponzi sites promises unreal and mouth watering offers/returns which incites Nigerians who blindly, foolishly and greedily subscribe to the scam sites.

After a clear study and intensive research, Risingwealth.org was born to ameliorate and cut out the evils of ponzi

The question on everyone's mind is how is RISINGWEALTH.ORG different from Ponzi schemes.

First , ponzi schemes incites people by promising unrealistic profits and returns. E.g, 100% in a day or 200% in 5 days, double or triple your money within 5-9 hours etc. The aim is to gather as much as possible an influx of unsuspecting members who pay only to a selected group of administrators and early comers. After that, that's the end.

Risingwealth.org is a matrix networking scheme. Research has showed that network business is one of the most stable online businesses anyone can do and have a rest of mind. Risingwealth.org is an online network business and also works as an online social channel that connects participants nationally with no central account.

In continuation, Ponzi schemes is a platform where members blindly offers assistance to basically admin members. The system is rigged to pay only a few people and within a short period fold up.

Risingwealth.org was designed to accommodate as many members as possible with the mandate to help build financial Lives and create a formidable financial impact.

Most ponzi schemes makes use of free and  shared server to create a website. A free or shared server has got a time duration; sometimes it ranges between 10 days to 3 weeks before it expires. Within this time frame, a lot of people would have registered and paid, hoping to get assistance later but at the end get disappointed as either the site isn't accessible or has been shut down.

Risingwealth.org as a networking business is secured with the latest internet security, including, SSL, https, and cloudfare. Also with a large  bandwidth to erode the issue of upgrading. The database is stored in Cloudfare which prevents cyber attacks. The data encryption is second to none..

Furthermore, ponzi scheme sites does not make use of support system and even if they do, it's not active. Why is this so? Because they are not Genuine and sincere. A support centre is hard to manage. What's the essence of having a support centre when it will fold up in 2weeks.

Risingwealth.org has a robust support centre. An official e-mail that has been authenticated by Google, a responsive support centre that attends to issues and gets it resolved as quick as possible. A well trained customer care representatives who are always at hand to attend to the members need or complaints. This development has been applauded by all..

Conversely, ponzi scheme sites does not make use of social media because they are scared they will be caught or their plans  thwarted. The least they will have is a WhatsApp group or telegram group.

As reiterated, Risingwealth.org is not a scam, so its presence on most social media speaks volume. From an official Facebook page to Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and instagram. Can you beat that?

We can authoritatively say that most ponzi scheme sites are "Get rich quick" platforms and thus garner greedy people in. It only incites greedy people. Thus it's this greed and unrealistic pledges that has brought down the website and also the participants

Risingwealth.org is a gradual financial growth. It distinguishes itself from greedy people, makes sure of a fixed level of pledge and realistic returns. Do you still need to know that there is a difference between a business and a job.

In addition, most ponzi scheme sites makes use of different Monetary package level. For e.g, PH 10k to get 50k, PH 25k to Get 120k PH 50k to Get 200k. They promise you 5-6 monetary level options.

Meanwhile, Risingwealth.org has one total package that grows over the time. Since it's a matrix networking platform, it makes use of Upliner and Downliner. For E.g, your startup capital of 5k will grow to 690k over the coming months.. Isn't this the best and sincere enough?

*A Summary of why you should choose matrix and networking business like Risingwealth.org*

NO REFERRAL NEEDED. Risingwealth.org saw the difficulty in referring people and its no gainsaying that people avoid networking business because of the issue of referring.  Thus It made use of just a general referral link which Everyone uses.

Adequate security measures
Best support team
Everyone benefits. Its not an "Oga at the top scheme" where only the admin takes all the money and releases little to the members or participants.
Its a business and not a job.

*If you choose Risingwealth.org, what do you gain*

¹.. You're sure that your investment will yield a positive result in due time

².. You're certain of peace of mind because its not crashing soon nor will the site be not accessible

³.. You're rest assured that any issue that arise from your account or transactions will be rectified and resolved by the technical team

⁴.. Risingwealth.org is gearing towards  being an empowerment programme which will delve to

a.. youth development and empowerment
b.. development of grassroot sports, focusing more on basketball and volleyball
c.. Women empowerment.

Why won't you want to be a part of this great scheme?

How to get Started

Simply click on www.risingwealth.org register with your email, password, and phone number, update your account details and start donating and receiving donations from your peers.

Join and reach us via Whatsapp, twitter and Telegram to get updates from the admin personels 


https://twitter.com/Risingwealth12?s=08Join group


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