Thursday, June 08, 2017

LeBron James the 2nd Highest Paid Athlete in the World. Who is Forbes number 1?

Cleveland's LeBron James, Warriors' duo Kevin Durant & Steve Curry and Houston's James Harden made it to the top ten of the Forbes magazine's list of highest paid athletes.

LeBron is 2nd only to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of earnings. KD comes 5th, Curry 8th while Harden is at 9th in the list.

Top Ten paid athletes: Total Earnings - Pay - Endorsements 
1⃣. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football), total earnings= $93M, paid-in= $58M, endorsement= $35M  
2⃣LeBron James (Basketball), total earnings= $86.2M, paid-in= $31.2M, endorsement= $55M 
3⃣ Lionel Messi (Football), total earnings=$80M, paid-in= $53M, endorsement= $27M  
4⃣ Roger Federer (Tennis), total earnings= $64M, paid-in= $6M, endorsement= $58M 
5⃣ Kevin Durant (Basketball), total earnings= $60.6M, paid-in= $26.6M, endorsement= $34M  
6⃣ Andrew Luck (Baseball), total earnings= $50M, paid-in=$47M, endorsement= $3M  
6⃣ Rory McIlroy (Golf), total earnings=$50M, paid-in= $16M, endorsement= $34M 
8⃣ Stephen Curry (Basketball), total earnings= $47.3M, paid-in= $12.3M, Endorsement= $35M 
9⃣ James Harden (Basketball), total earnings= $46.6M, paid-in= $26.6M, Endorsement=$20M 
🔟 Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1), total earnings= $46M, Paid-in= $38M, Endorsement= $8M

Note that the total earnings is the summation of the paid-in and endorsement

Story by Emmanuel Ndibe

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