Friday, July 28, 2017

Neymar storms out of training after a bust-up with Barcelona team mate

Barcelona forward Neymar storms out of training after a bust-up with team mate Nelson Semedo.

Neymar squared up to the defender before storming off the training field this morning.

His Team mate Sergio Busquets had tried to restrain him but the Brazil international player ripped off his bib in anger as he left.

Reports has it that Neymar will not fly back to Spain on Sunday with his team mates after their US tour and He will instead fly to China for commercial purpose, while Barca and PSG likely negotiate his world record transfer.

In an exclusive video obtained by Sportsmail, Neymar walks off the pitch after a fight with new Barcelona signing, Nelson Semedo.

In the video, Neymar squares up to Barcelona team mate Nelson Semedo after a rough tackle during training before storming from the pitch

Neymar appeared angry with the right back and then confronts him during the session.

In the video, things initially appear to be going as usual,l.

Neymar and right back Semedo, however tangle in a challenge for the ball with the striker who then squared up to the new arrival from Benfica.

Javier Mascherano quickly intervenes and Semedo runs back to the game, but Neymar is clearly still unhappy, calling and gesturing after the defender, and having to be restrained by midfielder Sergio Busquets.

The furious striker then tears off his training bib and throws it to the ground as manager Ernesto Valverde stands helpless close by, with only a rueful pat on the back from Mascherano.

Neymar then angrily fires a ball off the crossbar of a nearby training goal, and then boots another one away in a display of fury as he exits the field.

Accompanied by a member of the Barcelona staff, Neymar left as training resumes without him, with the player going out into the car park and leaving the training area entirely where Barcelona are preparing ahead of their friendly with rivals Real Madrid.

Neymar has been in brilliant form during pre-season, already scoring three in two games.

However it isn't the first time that Neymar had caused a scene at the training ground.

In May he was reportedly involved in a training ground bust-up with assistant manager Juan Carlos Unzue, after the Spaniard told him to 'focus more on his football'.

The training ground spat began when then-boss Luis Enrique's assistant, was discussing tactics with the Brazilian.

Unzue, to whom Enrique often delegates his tactical instructions, highlighted a few things to Neymar and tensions began to grow between the two.

The row then escalated to the point where other members of staff were forced to intervene. Neymar reportedly left the training facility visibly unhappy after the incident.

Its has been reported that Neymar was going to fly to China on monday for commercial commitments, but this has been postponed amid transfer speculations.

Barcelona and PSG are continuing to negotiate a possible deal that would smash the world record of £89m for Paul Pogba

What is not clear is if Barcelona - who have become highly frustrated of Neymar's behaviour on the club's US tour - have applied pressure on him to cancel the trip so that his record breaking move can be tied up.

By Emmanuel Ndibe, Edited by Cosmos Chukwuemeka

Source: Dailymail

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