Thursday, September 07, 2017

South Africa vs Senegal to be replayed after match manipulation by referee

World football governing body, FIFA on Wednesday, ruled that a 2018 World Cup qualifier tie between South Africa and Senegal be replayed after the center referee was found guilty of match manipulation and banned from officiating for life.

The Bafana-Bafana defeated Senegal 2-1 in the qualifier last November, with the help of a penalty awarded by Ghanaian referee Joseph Lamptey for a handball that was non-existent.

The said match result has been annulled and the game will be replayed this November, FIFA stated.

FIFA had found referee, Lamptey guilty of breaching the rule relating to “unlawfully influencing match results” and banned him for life in March after the Teranga Lion of Senegal protested.

You can Watch the "handball" here: 📹

By Emmanuel Ndibe
Edited by Cosmos Chukwuemeka Akisi

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