Sunday, October 08, 2017

Nigeria player Isaac Success arrested after fight with hookers

Nigeria and Watford forward Isaac Success has been arrested after he demanded from the hookers, he picked up and paid, to return his £2,000.

Success reportedly gulped two bottles of Baileys and thereby failed to perform with the hookers after paying them the said amount.

The 21 year old former Nigeria junior international was arrested after angrily demanding his money back.

One of the hooker escort paid by Success was Alexis Domerge.

Escort Alexis Domerge said the Watford star bragged about his strength in the bedroom and was ready for the action packed night.

But things didn't materialize for him after he drank two bottle of Baileys and then repeatedly failed to bring the action he bragged about.
When the women decided to voice out on Success’s weak and sloppy performance after 90 minutes, he angrily demanded his money back.

He was later arrested in the hotel lobby after the cops were called in.
Alexis, 24, said: “He accused us of ripping him off and asked for his money to be returned.

“It was terrifying. He had paid four of us £500 each to party with him and we all got naked as soon as the money came through on our phone bank accounts.

“He was drinking Baileys straight from the bottle.

“He must have chugged at least two. I pulled off his shorts and got down to it with three other girls doing everything you could imagine.

Another of the hooker, Michaela Carter says the 21-year-old Success came across as shy and awkward.
Michaela said she massaged the footballer for ninety minutes.
“But he was getting frustrated. What do you expect if you drink two bottles of Baileys liqueur straight from the bottle?”
“He had a nice body and all four of us massaged him for a full hour and a half, as long as a football match.

“He had been boasting to us all night about how much he earned and how much fun we were going to have.

“But it’s fair to say that Mr Success did not live up to his name during our night together.

“He seemed really keen on Baileys, swigging the stuff out of the bottle. It made me cringe because it’s so sickly sweet.

“He seemed a bit shy and awkward, probably because he’s only 21.

After a bit of the hookers chats with Success, Alexis took charge and said it was time to get down to business.
Alexis said he became frustrated but blamed his performance on the booze.

Alexis says the four escorts all got naked as soon as the money came through on their bank accounts

“She laughed and told him, ‘We want your money before the honey’.

“So he transferred £2,000 straight to one of the girls which was divided between the four of us.

“The partying started as soon as the money came into our accounts and we all stripped off.

“All five of us were squirming around on the bed but after a while we realised the Baileys had taken its toll.

“Eventually, I told him I couldn’t stay any longer and we couldn’t give him extra time. That’s when things started to get nasty.

“There was a lot of screaming which must have woken the entire hotel.

“At that point the police were called. We were all making a terrible racket.

“I ended up with a slight cut on my face and a bruise on my arm during the chaos.

“I don’t know how it happened. During the row I also stumbled backwards and broke the heels of my £600 Louboutin shoes. It meant I was already £100 down.”

“Several police cars arrived really quickly and about five officers came in and cuffed his hands behind his back and took him outside.

“Success admitted that he had paid us for sex.

“But he also claimed we’d cheated him out of the cash, without mentioning the reason why he didn’t have sex.

“All this commotion was more than the hotel management could take and they ordered us out of the hotel, including him.

“It’s a really nice place and I guess this isn’t the sort of behaviour they tolerate.”

The hookers said Success later called his bank and had the payments to them stopped.

Alexis said: “We couldn’t believe it when he accused us of cheating him and got the bank to get him his money back.

“We made a deal and it wasn’t our fault he didn’t have a good time. His behaviour was off the scale.”

Success signed for Watford from Spanish side Granada for £12.5million last July — then a record fee for the Hertfordshire club. He has struggled to make the starting line-up since.

A Hertfordshire Police spokesman said: “Police are investigating an allegation of assault reported to have occurred at 6.30am at Sopwell House in St Albans on Monday September 11.

“A 21-year-old man was arrested and de-arrested and inquiries are ongoing.”

A representative for the player said: “We strongly refute all allegations against Isaac and will vigorously fight to clear his name.”

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